Mauer Park was...cold.

We went to the Mauer Park again to market Tokyohillbilly's products. .....It was really really cold. Temperature was supposed to be -2C, but it felt like -10C! Without the hot wine, we wouldn't have survived! There were a lot of people in the market. I suppose that everybody is shopping for Christmas. There were many girls walking around with a skirt with thin tights...honestly I have no idea how they do it. Yeah my metabolism is not so great anymore, but still, those girls are tough! I would not risk my health for a fashion.. I guess everybody has priorities.

Digital Paisley Part1

I have been trying to create a digital paisley pattern and sew something in rendering. It is exhausting to live in a parallel world and craft things in both places.

Mauer Park

First attempt ever. Mauer Park flea market is one of the biggest flea market in Berlin. It was freezing that morning. We had pull ourselves together to be there!