Skyscraper Competition Concept by Erik


Technology via knowledge have through the millennia expanded human options by shrinking space. Agriculture reduced the amount of land needed to sustain larger groups which allowed urban centers. This in turn increased the connections/interactions between humans resulting in a explosion of new technologies. The city was an entirely new world for humans, a reordering of the materials of the old world into new densely occupiable space. Our proposal looks to take this material of the city and once again radically alter it to become the next major paradigm expansion.

The city is a recombination of the available materials using human knowledge/technology. This reordered world has greatly altered us as a species allowing for unbelievable advancements in further knowledge/technology. This has brought us to the brink of a new paradigm, a reordering of the urban material into a yet unknown and nearly inconceivable system. A new urbanism beyond “city” by taking the elements of city and optimizing them into a new system.
Similar in concept to the methods humans used to transform the landscaped into the modern concept of city, changing ourselves on the way. The skyscraper may have been a transition element into this new urban order.
Increased communication and interaction by further reducing distances, the smaller the cells, the larger the distances.
This project presupposes the advent of technologies which allow for the further expansion of space. By developing new occupiable dimensions.

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